Last of the summer wine

What a busy summer we have had!

There is no end to the types of storage we have been supplying lately. We have safely secured storage of crates of wine, household goods, house moves, business storage for events that couldn't happen and so much more.

This is as well as setting up and getting ready for more storage with the addition of our roller doors to the front of the building with direct access to our 330sq/ft (Internal storage the equivalent size of a 40ft shipping container) and 660sq/ft (Internal storage the equivalent size of two 40ft shipping containers). Thes units are dry, secure, Internal, with easy 24/7 access units that are great for business and large domestic storage. These units have had lots of interest from busineeses who simply cannot continue to operate from retail units that have high rents and rates, call us for more information.

Uni Student Storage

Here at Torquay Storage, we can help. No more stacking it in the garage, hoping it won't get damaged or cluttering up the spare room hoping that no one wants to visit. Our Internal, dry and secure units mean no worrying anmore.  We can store anything for any amount of time so a fantastic option to really consider with reasonable rates so get in touch to find out more. 


Decluttering your home albeit for getting ready to show to prospective buyers or just wanting somewhere dry and secure to keep your more sentimental belongings we can accommodate, give us a call to let us know what your storage needs are and I'm sure we can help.

Here at Torquay storage, we have a very flexible idea of storage solutions which can suit a vast range of people, from the online business person to the average Joe.  Self-secure units wit just 2 boxes or a hundred boxes, 2 weeks to 12months, no problem - always with you in mind we are flexible to what you may need.

We currently store thousands of items for several online companies needing a base with storage.

Tips for storing your items

1. Don't just throw it in a box!  Packed carefully and you'll be surprised just how much you can store in one of our units, which in turn will keep your costs of storage lower.

2. Plan - make sure that if you are going to store items for a long time that you don't pack away something you will need in 3 days time.

3. Label the boxes and write a storage inventory. Sounds simple - By making a list of what is in each box and labelling the stored boxes you'll be able to locate at item much quicker.

4. Insurance - many household contents insurance offer cover for items stored in self-storage units like ours in Swindon. Check, it could save you money.

5. Make sure that anything you are storing has no liquids, dirt or batteries etc in them.

Moving House Tips

Moving house can certainly be stressful, particularly if you have a lot of stuff gathered/collected and accumulated over many years. Planning ahead and help minimise any potential problems you may encounter. We give you a few house moving tips to save money and time when moving.
So if you are moving house, be it into a newly purchased property or into the rented sector, follow these top tips for a successful move.
Plan, plan, plan ahead: Before your move make sure you write down all key dates and events as a visual reminder of what needs to be done by when. A great bit of advice is to declutter your house well before the move. Clean out that garden shed, garage, loft and the spare room. Ask yourself,  if you’ve not used something for several years, do you really need to take it with you?
Storage Boxes: A good few weeks in advance of your move you could buy some moving house boxes or speak to your removal or storage company about hiring them and begin packing away non-essential items such as books, toys, clothes you won’t need and anything else that you can live without for a few weeks. If you have something that you can live without for while and you’d like it out of the way during the busy house move – for example, a piano or an antique piece of furniture – a good idea is to put it into storage until you are settled. It's a great way of avoiding any potential damage to your precious piece of furniture during the move.